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SGS Group
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BRILLIANCE GROUP CORPORATION, is a group of companies that comprehensively cover the following industries:InvestmentCommodities tradingAluminium profilesWindows and doorsSolar mounting systems Equipment manufacturing industry Brilliance Group core products that our company successfully distributes worldwide , original equipment manufacture (OEM) customized aluminium profiles for construction industry, fabricated aluminum products, windows and doors, die casting, and Commodity trading focuses on raw materials of copper, lead, and zinc.The group represents many brands in the aluminium industry, overseas brands such as BRILLIANCE ALUMINIUM, BIGLE ALUMINUM, KRAN ALUMINUM, SY ALUMINUM. YUMHERALD is specialize in various windows and doors. yumherald has more 9 years manufacturing experience in the doors and windows and has taken on some of the largest projects both locally and wordwide.Shengya Mold is local partner for aluminum die casting, Shengya has been active in the die casting industry for more than 10 years and has been a trusted partner of the Brilliance group for several years.Modraxx is for solar mounting system. ModRaxx was formed by a team of Solar Energy experts from the USA, Germany and Australia, with collectively more than 25 years of experience in the solar EPC industry. ModRaxx other founding partner is a Chinese company with more than 30 years experience in manufacturing. This combination of partners is the cornerstone of our business and offers any potential solar customer the very best solar experience. Many years of manufacturing experience makes ModRaxx the number one Solar mounting partner for design, quality and competitive pricing.Tianjin Tongjie Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been specialized in developing ultra high pressure water jet equipment and providing global customers with best cleaning solution and technical support. The equipment are widely used in various industries including Mining, Oil&Gas, Construction, Railway, Vessel Cleaning, Pipe Cleaning, Transportation, Electricity, Military, Public Infrastructure, etc. Besides, OEM service for the high-pressure pumps according to customers'requirement as well as the processing service of the high-pressure pump parts can be provided. CITIC HIC Luoyang Generating Equipment, former Luoyang Generating Equipment Factory, is under the national large-scale key enterprise - CITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (CITIC HIC), was founded in 1956. The company has strong research and design capabilities, the complete manufacturing and experiment equipment for producing turbines and turbine generator sets. The main products are steam turbines and turbo-generators below 200MW, which are widely used in the areas such as: coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, waste heat in sulfuric acid and glass, biomass utilization, waste generation, cement kiln waste heat, cogeneration. EPC is acceptable.As well as having many partnerships Brilliance Group also part owns and part owns several entities in manufacturing industry, factories include: BIGLE Aluminium in Zhejiang province, KRAN Aluminum in Anhui province SY Aluminum in Guangzhou province.Yumherald Windows and Doors in Zhejiang province.Shengya die casting mould in Fujian provinceModraxx Energy Co,. LtdTianjin Tongjie Pressure Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd in Tanjin CityCITIC Heavy Industries Co., Ltd in Henan provinceThe Brilliance Group has an Annual turn-over that reaches USD ONE BILLION. The group is committed to growing with our customers as they grow. No project is too big or too small. Our company is financially structured and has the bankability to execute any size project on a worldwide scale.
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Room 1301, No. 1855, Qixin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai City, China

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